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A Brief Description of Salla

Salla is a prosperous port town in northwestern Terkent. The King’s Mountains and Death Desert prohibit all but the most determined travel between eastern and western Terkent, so Salla’s location means that it is the primary western port in contact with Rhendlich. Roads out of Salla lead to The Western Woodlands, the southwestern port town of Moorey, and along the northern coast to The King’s Mountains. The Moorey road splits in the Talenta Plains south of Salla and one road heads to a southern mining colony.

There are two main families in Salla – House Cannith and House Orien.

House Cannith is a Dwarven family and heads the Makers’ Guild. Cannith provides low-skilled employment in its several foundries, and the items they forge are of excellent quality. The Makers’ Guild trains members in the ancient arts of the artificer and magewright. The Guild demands secrecy of its members, but it is accepting of most races. However, shifters and changelings have never been allowed in and have never been trusted by Cannith, and recently House Cannith has suspended admittance to elves.

House Orien runs all shipping business in Salla. This human house is in charge of import/export tariffs, storage, and distribution of all goods entering Salla’s port. Since the recent developments involving elves, House Orien has become extremely closed off to the race, bordering on overt racism. Despite their poor relationship with elves, their unimpeachable honesty, fairness, and trustworthiness make them the perfect family to be in charge of Salla’s most important source of income.

The Elmaro Family is not an official House of Salla, but it is well known that they exert much influence on the citizens and businesses of Sea Town. It is also rumored that they are affiliated with the Thieves’ Guild.

Salla is a true metropolis – home to the extremely rich, the extremely poor, and everything in between. The town has a unique system of government reflecting this diversity. Salla is divided up into nine districts. Each district has one representative on the Salla City Council, and all decisions are made by the Council as a whole.

Geographically, Salla is shaped like a semi-circle with its center in Sea Town Port. Each district (other than Sea Town Port) is a wedge extending from the center. Serpent Road divides these wedges in half and is the divider between Sea Town and the rest of Salla. (Imagine half of a Trivial Pursuit piece with another semi-circle dividing each wedge.) Each district has a distinct personality. Here’s a quick rundown:

The area of Salla known as Sea Town is made up of districts one through five and is the lower class area of town. It is almost one mile east to west along the coast and three quarters of a mile in from the coast.

District One – “The Sulfur Streets”— is the place where you don’t want to get caught in a dark alley. It is home to the lowest class of citizens including the shifters and goblinoids who have been forced to live on the edge of society. This is also where much of the housing for the House Cannith foundries is located.

District Two – “Heroes’ Corner” – houses middle to upper-lower class citizens, including many adventurers who are just starting out (or who are down on their luck). Shops offer just about any equipment an adventurer might need.

District Three – “Gougers Row” – is the nicest of the Sea Town Districts, due mostly to the influence of the Elmaro family. It includes many (overpriced) specialty shops for adventurers.

District Four – “Port Orien” – is similar to District One in that its residents are not high on the social scale, but District Four houses mostly sailors, so its population is constantly in flux. It also includes some ports for House Orien.

District Five – “Sea Town Port” – is the main port area for the town of Salla including buildings for storage, inspection, and tariffs. There are also two rows of port merchants selling sailing and adventuring equipment, and imported items right off the ships. It has no permanent residents. Because of the threat of theft, District Five is separated from the rest of Sea Town by a 15 foot wall with only one entrance.

Districts six through nine make up the rest of Salla and are home to middle to upper class citizens. It stretches for nearly mile on either side of Sea Town along the coast and extends a little less than two miles south of Sea Town.

District Six – “Cannith Foundries” – is just what its name implies. Nothing exists here other than the furnaces that run the armories and smithies of House Cannith.

District Seven – “Artisans Alley” – includes House Cannith and many specialty craft shops. A person can find just about any kind of mundane or magical armor, weapons, clothing, or miscellaneous items in the shops here. Most of these shops are associated with House Cannith and the Makers’ Guild, but there are some independent businesspeople. Further out in District Seven is the Fighters’ Guild.

District Eight – “University Square” – includes Morgrave University and Light of Faith temple, the largest temple in Salla. The University’s library includes many ancient books relating to the political history of Terkent as well as tomes dedicated to the arcane arts. The Light of Faith Temple houses local historical records and includes a beautiful meditative garden which is used by Temple monks and druids, and is also always open to the public. Shops in this area include items used by arcane and holy spell casters in addition to the usual adventure equipment.

District Nine – “House Orien” – is the home to the other of Salla’s two leading families. Orien’s coastal mansion is both practical and beautiful. From this location, Orien can oversee all sea traffic entering and leaving the ports in Salla.

The peace is kept mainly by the Salla Watch, but lately there has been a greater presence of the Scarlet Guard in town. As with most cities, [[Salla]’s citizens are split on how they feel about elves. There exists extreme racism in some people, but there are also those who want to help elves who they see as facing unfair prejudices.

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