Session #18

The Beggar King Defeated

Session #18


May 5th, 993?


Ian copies the sigils into his book. Cal busts through the wall. Ian jumps into the room.

There is a well and lead sigils.

Ian sends the floating lantern down the well. The walls disappear about 25 feet down.

He tries to magic missile the wall.

We leave.

We go to the room with a bridge, a ladder, a beach, a boat, and 2 hobgoblins and an eladrin.

They are loading the boat. Cal and Mike jump down while Ian lowers the boom on their arses.

An unseen enemy shoots hand crossbow bolts at us. He runs away.

Cal pushes one hobgoblin into the water of death. Mike kills the other hobgoblin who falls into the water of death.

The shaeish eladrin yells at us and sails away.

We loot the room we forgot to loot before. We find 34 gp.

Cal loots the chest and coffers. We trigger a dart trap, get 135 gp, 7 silvered shuriken, a blowgun, 10 blowdarts, 3 steel vials, a garrot, 150’ silk rope, masterwork thieve’s tools (to Mike), and a silvered short sword. All items starting with the shuriken have a stamped mask on them. Who could it be? We have no friggin’ clue.

We take a short rest.

And then we extend it. Ian puts up several eye alarms and a magic mouth up before sleeping.


Intruder alert.

Mike jumps – ouch!

Cal jumps – and nearly is pulled downstream to his death. Instead, his action point allows him to save himself.

Cal rushes ahead and finds a crazy dead looking, but not dead yet guy who is blowing smoke or getting blown by the smoke… It’s the Beggar King.

Mike shows off by killing the skeleton.

We run away! Slowly.

We try to rest again. Success!!!

We return to take on the real Beggar King.

Ooooooooo – stinking cloud

Bats, bats, and more bats. We kill ‘em. They come back. We kill ‘em again. They come back again. You fuckin’ bastards! Bats killed again…wait for it…they’re back!

Bats become bats and fall. Hmmm…that’s not the way they died before.

The Beggar King dies from the stinking cloud.

The bats and skeletons also die. We need to search next time.

Cal 6 surges spent, full hp, has fey step and crack the shell dailies left.

The dungeon is collapsing! Time to run.



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