House Cannith Dwarven Family

House Cannith’s greatest influence in Salla is as the head of the Makers Guild. This highly secretive guild trains its members in the ancient art of the magewright. Magewrights combine masterful mundane craftsmanship with alchemy and arcane magic to create unique magic items. They are also able to mass produce more common magic items in a fraction of the time it normally takes and can therefore offer these items a lower cost. House Cannith has strict restrictions on who is allowed into the Makers Guild so that its secrets do not get out. Shifters and changelings have never been allowed into the Guild, and most would agree that this has always been a prudent move. More recently, the Guild has been much more selective about letting elves in. Historically, elves have not had as much of an interest in the dwarves’ uses of magic since they have their own ways of harnessing these powers; however, some have applied and been accepted to the Guild in the past. But with tensions with Mar-Dir escalating, an elf seeking initiation as a magewright would have to have a well-known and well-documented family tree.

House Cannith also produces the greatest number of artificers in Salla. With their easy access to the exceptional work of house magewrights, and the instinctive draw Cannith dwarves have to the combination of magic and craftsmanship, the artificer class is a natural fit.

In addition to Cannith’s selection of Makers Guild members, family members also generally have very strong feelings about “pure blood” races. They refuse to have any (public) dealings with shape shifters of any kind. They look down on shifters and changelings as races with no culture, discipline, or honesty. However, the current patriarch of House Cannith, Lord Rrich, is much more open minded


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