Session #2
The gang goes on their first adventure.

Second Session

Tuesday April 4th, 993

Ian and Cal go to Roaming Devil at 5:30, receive note from barkeep saying:

captain furious / tossed in old cell / thinks item is with RC / item contains C secrets / SW agent killed trying to get journal from C agent / Captain will make those responsible pay / Dolom should have taken care of them / do not show item in public / rumor that C agents dispatched to retrieve item / rumor that RC set trap for you / rumor that RC believes you killed C agent BG / rumor RC wants you dead by random hand / do NOT return home; likely being watched / go to Seaside Inn and wait / get a room using initials LL / will be out soon or will send word again / be invisible and stay safe!

I and C wait outside Roaming Devil, but Thak doesn’t show up. I and C go to Seaside Inn Wilton and Pearl rent a room under the name “LL” at the Seaside Inn to I and C.

Wednesday, April 5th, 993 Not much happens, but C and I stay on watch.

Thursday, April 6th, 993 Around 5:00 Pearl comes to the door and tells C and I that a visitor is downstairs. C and I go downstairs and see Thak, who is very beaten up. All three go upstairs to the room and Thak explains what happened to him. Thak was re-arrested and tortured by the Watch for not getting enough information. Thak was eventually released, and assumes he is under observation by the Watch. Sleep and watch the rest of the night.

Friday, April 7th, 993 Ian gives one healing potion to Thak; Thak says he feels better and thinks he will be OK. Around 5:30 the three set off in search of the sewer cluster. On a tip, they head to The Goblin’s Casque to look for Meatclod. 7:00 arrive at Goblin’s Casque and talk to bartender. Bribe bartender 5 gold for location of Rat’s Market – a floating, black-market sale of items from the sewers.

Around 7:45 arrive at Rat’s Market; the three seem out of place. Around 9:00 a crowd starts to gather; the Rat’s Market is open. Ian approaches goblin vendor for info on sewer cluster. Goblin wants 60 sp, Ian tells him to cram it. Thak sees a shifter watching Ian as he is talking; when he approaches, the shifter disappears into the crowd. The three watch from alley and plot next move.

Cal goes for a walk, sees nothing interesting. Thak tries an approach on the goblin – no success. Ian approaches again and offers 50 sp for info – goblin accepts, money is paid. Around 11:30, goblin takes three to the entrance.

Session #3
Into the sewers.

Third Session 4/2/08

Friday, April 7th, 993

Start at sewer entrance, but guys are tired so they head back to the Seaside Inn and sleep though the night.

Saturday, April 8th, 993

Get up at 9:00 and buy 20 torches. Return to sewers and the guys argue over who will go down first. Decide on Cal, Thak, Ian. All climb down ladder into cesspool.

Thak hears a shuffling sounds around the corner; listens carefully, then . . .Thak is attacked by a human with a rapier! Attacker calls two shifters over to fight with him. Cal kills shifter; Cal kills shifter; Cal kills human. As human dies, he changes to a changeling and winged, ghost like thing flies away from him. Shit! Not again!

Find tattoo on changeling’s arm (see graphic). Take rapier, lt. crossbow, case with 10 bolts, thieves tools, cloak, & backpack from changeling. Take dagger, leather armor, and 10gp total from shifters. Investigate where baddies came from and find a circular hatch with the Cannith icon on it. Ian bravely checks the hatch and acid balls hit Cal (x2) and Ian (x1)

Note: Thak is a genius.

Ian holds the journal up to the hatch and the hatch opens to a vertical shaft (hehe, vertical shaft). Ian drops a torch, equipment down the shaft. Thak climbs down and finds the tunnel changes to a more gentle angle. Entire party climbs down and leaves the rope behind.

Tunnel levels out, eventually opening into a very large chamber where building shapes can barely be made out in the darkness; six feet above the floor. All three jump down to floor. Everyone hears a constant background buzzing, probably insects. Beetle swarm approaches, Fun ensues. Cal dumps oil, Ian and Thak light oil and many beetles die. Remaining flaming beetles attack Ian and Thak. Cal kills swarm o’ beetles

Now on the floor, group can see the cavern contains many underground ruins.

Session #4
Into the underground ruins.

Fourth Session 4/16/08

Saturday, April 8th, 993

Post-swarm: the gang starts checkin’ out the ruins (noonish).

Follow tunnel – Dead F’in End (1ish).

Return to chamber and run into two giant, really ugly, kinda armored rats. Ian color sprays one successfully. Ian is bitten and it burns. Cal kills the other one manly, coup de graces the other one.

Follow another tunnel – Dead End #2 (2ish)

Find a few more ruined buildings. Find one building that seems very old, but basically intact. Building has golden doors with Cannith symbol. Ian tries presenting the journal to the doors, no dice. A lock is found in the doors. Thak and Cal search rubble around buildings.

Follow another tunnel – Dead End #3 (3ish)

Follow another tunnel – Dead End #4 (4ish)

Find a new building, Temple? Search of temple turns up a font of decent-looking water. Ian drinks first and gets healed up, Thak and Cal follow suit. Time to try the doors, looks tough. Thak climbs to roof of building and finds a gaping hole. That’ll make things easier. Everyone gets to roof after ropefying. Look down hole into building and see smashed up shit and a crushed metal dog. Also see two sets of glowing eyes attached to two still animated metal dogs. Cal starts arrowing one from the roof, Thak starts slinging. Dogs are very determined to attack the intruders, but are not very bright and are eventually killed.

Session #5
Out of the Sewers


Saturday, April 8th, 993 Around 5 pm

Lower Cal down. Check out shelves, dogs, furnace. Nothing much.

Puzzle and trap by fireplace. Get shocked a few times, then figure it out. Find treasure and schema (the goal of this journey).

As we leave we are ambushed by someone. A flaming bolt takes down Thak. Guy/enemy talks about stuff, but we aren’t paying attention. We kill him

Crawl out of sewers with no further adventures around 7:30. Go back to Seaside Inn and sleep. Thak leaves.

Sunday, April 9th, 993 Around 6:30 am

Sell gemeralds and stuff at Jewel’s House of Stuff and Sword’s Place.

Around noon Thak comes back and says he reported in to Salla Watch. We head to the Rare Sword to look for Lady Ralra. She doesn’t show up.

We head to Cal’s house. Approached by a dwarf who tells us to keep our meetings with Ralra on the DL. Slowly head back to The Immoral Monkey and meet with Thak. Cal checks his house and finds a note.

7:30, back to Rare Sword. Led to back room to meet Lady Ralra, three toughs, and a wizard. She chastizes our lack of tact. We produce the schema. She shows us the money. We mention the 3rd party interested in the schema. She asks us to investigate.

Thak decides not to come.

Session #6
Tracking down the "Shaish"?


Monday, April 10th, 993

Session #7
The Trouble with Devils


Tuesday, April 11th, 993 continued

Session #8
Tall, Dark, & Deadly


Thursday, April 13th, 993

Session #9
Come to Your Senses


Wednesday, April 19th, 993 continued

Session #10
Out to Sea


April 22nd, 993

Session #11
Who Do You Trust?


April 23rd, 993 continued


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