Session #16
The Prisoner Pens

Session #16

We searched the room for secret doors for 30 minutes and found none. We bore a hole in the wall to watch. The owl also watches. We rest in shifts.

A rogue approaches during Cal’s shift. The rogue throws a rock at the door. We ready ourselves. He throws another rock. He leaves.

We rest. Ian’s shift. Something happens. He doesn’t notice. Neither does his owl. Someone tries to open the door.

We rest until we level up. 6.5 hours total. Now it’s 7:30 pm. We synchronize our watches.

We leave our sanctuary to move back towards the beggar king’s loft. We enter the room where we burned all the beggar minions earlier. We look for rogues. None on ground level.

Ian blasts a stinking cloud into the loft. Mike knocks the ladder down. We wait. Nada.

We suspect a secret door but don’t find one.

Lyca climbs the ladder. The floor falls out. Ouch! Jeska fires an arrow into the “Beggar King’s” dead body. The body is not a full grown man and the “guards” are mannequins.

Jeska jumps on top of the cage. Ian puts a floating lantern on the cage. Cal throws Jeska a rope. Cal hands Mike the rope. Cal climbs to the moving cage.

There’s an ape moving the cage. Hobgoblins move in. Poof. Cal appears on the shore and smacks all three hobgoblins. Jeska drops the rope. Mike jumps and misses the chain, falls into the water, landing well. However, he is pushed down river. He slams into a portcullis. He stays afloat, barely. Ian summons a fire warrior and sends him to fight hobgoblins. Jeska shoots the ape.

The hobgoblin marked by Cal tries to run away. Cal smacks. He can’t move.

Mike goes under. Yikes! Jeska barely makes the jump.

A hobgoblin gets away from Cal and releases the ape. Ian’s fire warrior destroys the hobgoblin.

Jeska runs to help Mike, dropping a rope into the water.

The fight continues…

Mike grabs the rope. He still can’t bring his head above water.

Jeska pulls Mike to the shoreline. Mike is on the shore.

Jeska and Mike join the fray. The fire warrior destroys the ape.

Mike crits the lock. Too bad he can’t swim as well as he picks locks. Lyca is freed.

The encounter ends and fire warrior disappears.

We talk to the prisoners. Mike heals an injured minotaur.

Minotaur = Rahm Woman = Kaye

Taylor = Tins

2 Beggar Thugs

Rahm says they are trying to talk to the Nine Hells and may have discovered the Well of Ancients.

We help Rahm and Kaye out. Cal gives Kaye a rapier. Kaye looks for another way Rout. Kaye finds a trap door. Rahm tells us to not let “them” use the well of the ancients. Rahm tells us where to find him in town. Rahm and Kaye leave.

Tins wears the tattoo with the S and the flaming eye. The story he tells: A change in how our group will deal with Salla. Malcolm X style approach now, no longer following MLK, Jr. Tins leaves.

We get ready to follow the hobgoblin path.

Cal used 3 surges and is at 49 hp, used Fey Step Ian – full, down both daily attacks Mike – full, down 5 surges Jeska – full, Lyca down 2 hp and 1 surge

Have not yet searched the “throne room”.

Session #15
Fighting the Fat Tiefling Warlock Chick

Session #15


May 2, 993 Noon

(change last obsidian portal entry to be May 2, not May 1)

Jeska takes the jug and drinks 2 of the 5 heal potions to max out.

Cal and Mike bust down the door. Rats! Everywhere!

Ian lobs a vertical column of golden flames frying parts of both rat swarms. Initiative!

Second verse, same as the first. Ian lights ‘em up again! Rats swarm Cal. Cal eliminates a swarm. Ian lights ‘em up again.

The room. The room. The room is on fire!

Ian uses Ray of Frost to cool it off.

Find 13 cp, and a pair of silver earrings (4 gp). Keep it all!

Open the door. A biggish room. Bed rolls. Only stairs. Ransack the room. Nada.

It’s raining out. The dark courtyard is muddy. People have walked here. There’s a peephole on the double doors. Jeska looks in… nothing.

Mike checks the single door at the top of the stairs. As we move towards the single door, the double door bursts open. It’s on!!! Bring it!!!

3rd verse, same as the first. Ian lights ‘em up. 8 die! Mike kills 1. Cal kills 1. They don’t attack.

Ian sends his owl up to see what’s in the loft above. The owl sees lots of a guy sleeping on a couch with 3 guards. Meanwhile, 2 thugs with spiked chains come down the stairs.

Jeska lets us know about the thugs. Mike runs out, and does a handspring attack up the stairs and bloodies him. Mike is knocked prone and bloodied. He uses his second wind, then is bloodied again.

Cal is pushed away by a large magical hand. Cal slashed the first thugs legs out from under him. As the thug falls, he hits his head on the stairs and dies.

The large human fighter who formerly ran away from us, we’ll call him Brave Sir Robin, returns and knocks Mike unconscious. Ian bandages Mike’s wounds. Cal pushes a thug off the stairs. Mike kills thug number 2. Ian sprays colors at Sir Robin. Mike nails Brave Sir Robin with his backswing. Mike allows Cal to sneak in the attack. Cal fey steps behind Brave Sir Robin. Cal is blasted, nearly unconscious, by the tiefling warlock. Cal just destroys Brave Sir Robin. Cal quaffs the 2nd to last heal from the jug. The tiefling appears to be on fire.

Mike runs up, slashes the tiefling, and is knocked out by fire. Ian cools off the tiefling with a ray of frost. Cal and Ian try to heal Mike. Failed. Mike goes to strike 2. Lyca swats the tiefling. Cal pours the last of the healing jug down Mike’s throat. Ahhhhh!

Mike nails the tiefling with a thrown dagger. Lyca swats her again. Cal hits again.

Every time we hit with a melee attack, we get singed.

Jeska crits the tiefling fat chick. Cal hits again. Mike hits.

The tiefling picks up her staff and takes OA’s from Cal and Lyca. Both hit her. Ian kills her with a magic missile.

Ian finds 12 phoenix feathers in a copper tube (burst 1, some damage when pulled out). Ian finds a devil worshipping staff with a demonic ram’s head on it – +1 magic rod (for warlock’s with demonic pacts).

That’s all we discover. We take an extended rest. We train and go to level 5!

Session #14
Further into the Beggar King's Lair

Session #14


May 2nd, 993

Unpause game. Now fighting two menacing 6 siders, one green, one yellow (both humans). Mikhail notices a smelly pit behind him. Hmmmmm…

Fighting in a room full of crates and barrels. Another two humans enter the room wearing a ratty fur cloak. Ian frosts one to death. Black clad rogue enters the room. Mikhail kills another. Cal destroys one of the men in fur cloaks. Mikhail kills the other furry dude.

Arthuro gives. We earn a milestone. He offers his chest and information if we let him live. He says he will give us keys to the gate. Does not know what is going on in the other buildings. The Beggar King lets him do business here. Arthuro takes us to his study. Cal checks out his sleeping area. Arthuro show us his chest with 8 compartments. We tell him to open it. He refuses, says it’s trapped. Mikhail knocks Arthuro out, takes the keys and the +1 dagger. Mikhail takes 50 gp. Find 2 more gp in room and a ledger with entries. Ledger appears to be a key to the chest. We recognize the names Shaeish and Drear, Sybil Drear.

Jeska finds a crude mud-infested idol depicting an ape man. Ape man idol. Allows the owner to use a heal surge as a free action (daily power). Randomly takes hp from a random living creature within 50’. Find a lantern worth 3 gp. There’s a pixie corpse inside. Ian searches the garbage pit. It’s not that deep, but there’s something with tentacles in it.

Gate works well with the key.

We go up the stairs. Cal triggers the silverware trap. Cal opens the curtain and gets ready to fight. Initiative! 3 dog brothers attack Cal. Mikhail shot him dead. Jeska jumps over Cal and kills the second one. Cal continues to soften them up. Lyca moves Jeska’s bow for her. Ian freezes another to his death. That leaves balcony boy, who has very nice armor and a big, horn longbow. He runs away through a secret door in the wall. We heal up and search the balcony.

Mikhail finds and disables the spear trap in the secret door. Mikhails finds how to open it.

Jeska finds loose bricks above the fire. Bricks hit everyone and hurt. We open the sacks. We find a fur-trimmed quiver of javelins (8- 4 silver javelins, 3 reg. javelins, 1 +1 javelin of lightning), 48 gp, ceramic jug full of 5 potions of healing.

Plan to forge ahead and fight. Secret door does not open when we try to open it.

Cal – 43 hp left, used 8 heal surges, used comeback strike, and boundless endurance Jeska – 21 hp left, no surges left, used daily Lyca – 25 hp left, has 1 surge left Ian and Mikhail marked on character sheets All have an action point left

Can keep messing with the chest and the note. Arthuro is tied and unconscious yet.

Session #13
To the Charnel Tower

Session #13


May 1st, 993

Late at night. Last time, we passed an insight check and learned that Wyatt and Courtney know about something more that might happen (?).

Jeska and Mikhail are at the Famished Froghemoth. Cal and Ian are at the Rich Demon’s Coffeeshop with the Devil Kids.

Devil Kids leave. Cal and Ian return to Famished Froghemoth. Discuss following them tomorrow with stealthier members, Jes and Mikhail. Sleep.

May 2nd

Wake up. Whole party heads to Charnel Tower.

Half way there. Cal bumps into someone. It’s… Shyk Mariano dressed plainly. Follow him into Meadowood Country Club. Lyca waits at the door to watch. Says it was not Elmaro’s plan. Family does not appreciate deals going bad. Let Asid know if we find someone out. Cal asks him some questions. He says we are no longer under any commitment to Elmaro. Ian says we have a note and shows it to him. He thanks us. He says he will help us if they find out info for us.

Shyk Mariano departs.

We head to the Charnel Tower.

Historical aside: The Charnel Tower was a cremation sight for homeless people. Rumors of the Beggar King came up that he was summoning devils possibly by sacrificing his own people.

Into the Sulfur Streets. (Sellswords of Punjar).

Mikhail sneaks up to the gate. Success! He makes it to an iron gate. Air filled with despair. He pretends to pick the lock with his dagger. Munch! The lock bites his dagger. Mikhail now has a warped dagger. It is stuck deep in the lockbox. Cal sees no levers/mechanisms to open the gate. Hooter the owl looks around for mechanisms to open the gate. He sees nothing of use either. Jeska tries to smash the lock. She scratches it.

We check the perimeter of the compound. Mikhail stealthily scouts ahead. Jeska climbs a building and looks around. She notices a green fountain. She notices 5 baddies on a platform with a net.

Scouting further. A swarm of bats appears to be protecting the tower. They rushed Jeska until she ran away. Bat swarm rushes a second time.


Bats hit Jeska. Ian dazes the bats. Jeska jumps down. Thud! Swarm finds Jeska again. Ian scorches Jeska. Youch!!! Bat bites burn. Bummer. Bats seem to be regenerating. Bursting swarm blinds Cal and Lyca. Cal hits better when blind. Ian continues to work his magic. Swarm flies up, up, up. We try to shoot them. Mrrph. We move away to let Jeska heal. From henceforth, we shall call them Charnel Bats.

Jeska and Lyca get on the roof. Ian makes the sound of the gate opening. He drops a flaming burst on the 5 net holders, hitting one of them. We kill one of them. 4 of them run into a building. Onto the roofs. Ian has a little problem. We hop down, except Ian. Mist beads on our clothes and skin.

Jeska climbs onto the shelf, searches the body (nothing), takes the net.

Yucky fountain. It tastes like burning (and copper).

Cal listens at the door while he is peppered with crossbow fire for 1 point of damage. Ian puts a flaming burst up their arses. Mikhail busts the door open. 4 thugs + 3 new dudes are in da house!

Ian continues to pepper the window crossbowmen with fire. Mikhail handsprings into the fracas killing the guy with a skirt and then taunting him. We push our way into the room. Cal, Mikhail, and Lyca fight in the room as Ian lights ‘em up from range. Jeska gets in the action.

Middle of Encounter: Mikhail used second wind. Nobody else has. Ian, Cal, and Mikhail have used action point during this battle Jeska has Unbound Parry and Razorclaw Shifting left. She has 37 hp left. Has used 4 surges Lyca has 29 hp left Cal has Comeback Strike, Fey Step, Eyebite left. He has Regen 5 going for the rest of the battle. He has used 2 surges today. He has 38/47 hp. Ian 28 hp left Mikhail 15 hp left, used 1 heal surge

Session #12
Meet the Sojourners


April 25th, 993

Mikhail, Ian, and Tug find lots of goodied from the dragon including a bracer of blades and a floating lantern

9:00 am

Short rest, then to the ship. Slog through the swamp for 8 hours. Get to the shore around 5 pm, but no one is there. Jes leads the gang back to town. It’s a four day walk. Fun.

April 29th

Around 5 pm, Jes takes us to an abandoned farmhouse. We rest and agree to meet her at The Famished Froghemoth tomorrow at 7 pm

April 30th

Ian goes to the Creative Imp’s Club to get an owl familiar. Ian cannot purchase another ritual.

2:30 pm Report to Shyk Mariano at the Owl’s Demise. Ian’s new owl gets spooked. Talk to Asid who says that Shyk Mariano will find them if he wants to. Then go to library at Morgrave University. Cal looks at pop-up magic books, Ian asks to look at the ritual section and finds out that without a Morgrave signet ring he ain’t getting in.

7:00 Ian and Cal head to the Famished Froghemoth. Ian bumps into a halfling and starts a fight. Mikhail is of course eager to join in. Cal (pussy boy) tries to break it up—Fail. Cal joins the fight. An all out bare-knuckles melee ensues, with the acrobatic and brawny halflings getting the better of the PCs. Mikhail loves every minute of it.

Eventually, Jes and Gre’O appear from a back room and call off the fight. The halflings, Terrell and Trey, buy drinks for everyone. Turns out it’s their place and they were just testing Ian and Cal. Also, they are triplets with Tug.

Gre’O leads us to a private room and introduces The Sojourners, which includes Jes, Gre’O, and the halfling triplets. They feel that their responsibilty in town is to do what needs to be done to keep the peace and help those in need. They are familiar with the tattoo of the Shaeish.

Samc Noir busts in and everyone freezes for a second. Then he is introduced as another member of the Sojourners. He proceeds to take over the discussion about the Shaeish. They are a historical organization, but have become more prominent lately. They are led by a changeling named Ender, but thier goals are not clear. We show the group the note found on the drow from the swamp cave. Samc suggests that there may be a “plant” in the Elmaro family.

Samc reveals some information he has found (no one asks how he got this information).

Gre’O has learned that someone summoned devils, then went missing.

Two paths to follow:
  1. Thieves (Mikhail & Jes) will investigate the Sulfur Streets.
  2. Others (Ian & Cal) will investigate University dissapearances.

Sulfer Streets Investigation:

Sinbad says:
  • There are rumors that there are alters to the 9 hells in charnel tower
  • The Beggar King is the man who has taken over the place.
  • There is a fountain dedicated to the 9 hells. Find the key to it, and find out what haunts the tower.
Stan says:
  • There is smoke coming out of the charnel tower that turns people into dust.
  • The Beggar King has something to do with it.
Thorax says:
  • Somewhere behind the Beggar King’s throne room is lots of treasure.
Brinbad says:
  • The Beggar King killed all his own men. He sacrificed them to his devil.
Flem says:
  • Be careful of traps and stay away from the tower.
Ordo says:
  • The Beggar King broke though to another world and got power from a dark power.

G’night—back to Froghemoth to sleep

May 1st, 993

In the morning Cal and Ian look into missing kids at Morgrave University. Learn that Lanessa is in a group called the Devil Kids. Kinda like goth kids. Need to return to coffee shop at 11 pm.

9 pm Team America (aka the Sojourners) meet to share info. Samc reinforces what we already learned and adds that the Beggar King is allied with Mother Zeb’oltha, a well known black warlock.

11 pm Ian and Cal head to the Rich Demon’s Inn coffee shop and meet Dante, Fletcher, Courtney, and Wyatt. Ian asks for help tracking down Lanessa.

Start Skills Challenge to track down Devil Kids.

Session #11
Who Do You Trust?


April 23rd, 993 continued

Session #10
Out to Sea


April 22nd, 993

Session #9
Come to Your Senses


Wednesday, April 19th, 993 continued

Session #8
Tall, Dark, & Deadly


Thursday, April 13th, 993

Session #7
The Trouble with Devils


Tuesday, April 11th, 993 continued


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