Jeska Scraps

Lithe ranger who is never without her companion -- fey panther Lyca.


Jeska Scraps

Jeska has been a loner most of her life except for her panther, Lyca. But she has recently found companionship with the Sojourners.

Appearance: Jeska is a blondish, brown Razorclaw Shifter. She is relatively short and small, but her lithe, wiry frame shows that she is a fighting force like a coiled spring ready to pounce. She alternates wearing her hair loose or in a ponytail or braids in an effort to try to fit in wherever she goes. Her feline features only add to her natural beauty, making her attractive to members of all races.

Personality: The most important thing to know about Jeska is that she loves Lyca more than anything in the world and would risk her life to save her. In fact, she has risked her life a number of times to this end, and this is what is driving her actions right now. The second thing to know is that Jeska wants to make friends more than anything. She is outgoing and energetic, sometimes to the point of annoyance. Even though her life has been hard, she rarely displays a negative attitude and always goes in to situations optimistic and smiling.

She is also an exuberant explorer and although she can be stealthy when she wants to, she usually simply charges into a situation and counts on her quick thinking and actions to help her get out. She will never turn down a fight or a dangerous mission.

Jeska Scraps

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