Mikhail Sayeed


Mikhail’s mother was very friendly – maybe too friendly. An orc raiding party that had made its way through the Talenta Plains had set up camp in her village. They had killed all of the men. The women were made to be pleasure slaves. Mikhail’s mother was all too willing. In fact, she left with the orcs after their “conquest.” Later, Mikhail came to be.

He grew up untamed and angry. He was quick and strong. Soon he left his mother and father. Eventually he ended up on the mean streets of Salla. He fought and killed – and was good at it. Local criminal elements took notice and he was soon employed as a thug and messenger for some of the less savory members of the community.

As he grew in skill, he became a regular hire for Torain Cross. He was doing a good job roughing up merchants, couriering, and even making contract murders. However, two important events change the course of his life forever.

First, he was given a straightforward job of collecting protection money from some vendors but he decided to tell Cross he never collected the money and pocket it himself. The idea was that he could do this work independently. All he needed was a little capital up front and he would be on his own. Cross did not find think this was such a good plan and he became a marked man.

Next, he was caught by the Salla Watch. Did Cross have something to do with this? Did it matter? He was in jail on multiple charges. Luckily, none included murder.

In jail, he met a man who was disciplined and strong. He began to teach him the ways of Kord. It was not long before Mikhail was “baptized” into his new religion. An outside observer might have described this ceremony as a savage jailhouse brawl that left both men broken and bloody. However, to each of the participants it was as close to Kord as they had ever been. Afterwards, Mikhail concentrated on Kord as he never concentrated on anything before and he was able to heal both of their wounds. This miracle has repeated itself from time to time since. For some reason Kord himself must look favorably upon Mikhail…

Now, Mikhail is out of jail. He is working a “straight” job on the docks of Salla. He is trying to remain ready. Erik, his jailhouse mentor has told him that his strength will be needed by Kord – but he should bide his time. His transformation was not total is seems. He has begun to have thoughts of how his life was and he yearns for the excitement of using his skills.

Mikhail Sayeed

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