Ianlomin Droverson


Ian and his family moved to Salla under somewhat shadowy circumstances. Ian’s parents had been minor nobles of some stature in southern Terkent but had run into problems when Ian was about six because of their relations with elves. They had been on very good terms with the elven community in (unknown). When public opinion towards elves took a turn for the worse, the Dorverson’s came under suspicion. Ian, being the youngest, was allowed to leave town with his mother. His father, two older brothers, and elder sister remained however. Increasingly, it was clear that the town elders wanted information from them regarding some elves that had not registered with the government and where therefore considered dangerous. Ian’s family refused to divulge their whereabouts. Realizing they would soon be apprehended, they tried to flee the city under the cover of darkness.

During their flight, Ian’s older sister, Lilanon, was killed by members of the Scarlet Guard. Ian’s father, Molnii, and his two brothers, Hervell, and Ji, were able to fight off the Guard and escape. They joined Ian and his mother, Lanx’ria, in Salla.

Unbeknownst to the family, Ian, who was pretending to be asleep, was listening as the story of Lilanon’s death was related to her mother. Witnessing his mother’s reaction and learning of the loss of the sister who was his best friend, left Ian deeply scarred, and conflicted. He could not fully comprehend the situation. His immature psyche interpreted events in a manner that left him deeply distrustful of both authority and elves. However, most importantly, it left him realizing that he must begin to perfect the skills that his sister had begun to show him that they both shared. They could both manipulate the world around them in ways that seemed magical to him. Obviously, his sister, some nine years his senior, was much more skilled than he. Nevertheless, she had had always marveled at his natural abilities.

Today, the Droverson’s have abandoned their noble titles. They lost everything when they left (unknown), except for their ability to rise above their circumstances. Shortly after arriving in Salla, they were able to earn enough money working various jobs to purchase a small inn, The Weary Traveler. Ian worked there doing what he could, but he grew restless as his father and brothers were more concerned with making a prosperous business that trying to help him learn about his powers than his sister had ever done. His mother was somewhat in tune with his curiosity, as she shared some of his abilities. However, these activities always reminded her of Lilanon, rendering her grief-stricken and useless as a teacher.

By the age of 16, Ian realized he needed to leave the family quickly and quietly after he met a man he believed could become his tutor. This “man” was a half-elf name Zinoor. Zinoor, was himself deeply conflicted in his views on elves and humans as he had been scorned by both worlds. He was though, somewhat talented in the arcane arts and found it fulfilling to help young Ian: for a price. Ian was made to be his accomplice in several questionable “business dealings” in which they would take advantage of wealthy travelers who they dazzled with their prestidigitation.

Eventually, their luck ran out and Zinoor was killed in an attempted con. A wealthy traveler and his guards were wise to their attempts and struck down Zinoor, and injured Ian. Ian was left for dead.

Now he is wandering aimlessly. He has some of the money left from their swindles. He does not want to return home. It is too painful. He is unsure of what to do next.

Luckily, he just found a +5 ring of protection, a wand of fireballs (59 charges), and a gemerald debit card with 7800 gp on it.

Ianlomin Droverson

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