Callandor "Cal" Cometbreak


BACKGROUND: It was seven years ago, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. It was a crisp, winter day in Salla. Cal had been looking forward to practicing his newly learned counter-offensive skills he had learned over the previous weeks along with his fellow FGAs. The FGAs were the Fighter’s Guild Apprentices. He was fifteen years old. His friend, his only true friend, Tezin was walking to the outdoor training area with him when they appeared. Two guards from the town, burst in through the gates that led out to the community of Salla. They were yelling for Tezin and they were drunk. Tezin and Cal were both scared. They grabbed and dragged Tezin away from Cal and demanded that he show his Elf ID. Tezin said, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Cal knew and Tezin knew. They were both half-elf, but neither had an ID, as both were raised as pure-blood humans by their respective parents. The guards demanded the ID again. Cal shouted at them, “Leave him alone!” Cal will never forget the look they gave him or what they did next. One guard held Tezin’s arms fast behind him while the other drew a dagger and slit Tezin’s throat. Timlon, the adult member of the Fighter’s guild arrived just then. He was too late. Cal and Timlon drew their weapons. The guard members told them to be careful. Timlon told Cal to run and tell the others what happened. Cal didn’t want to leave his friend, but obeyed. When Cal returned, Timlon was gone. He and the guild never heard from Timlon again. Worse yet, nothing happened to the guards who did this! Cal would never be the same. He could not trust the law. He could not trust the guild to protect him. He would need to be strong enough and smart enough to fend for himself. He could never forgive himself for not acting. He told himself that he would train harder so he could act faster in the future. He would never be the same.

Cal grew up in Salla. He does not remember his elven father. His mother, Alexa said that his dad abandoned his mother just after she gave birth. The story is that his father was on the run from the law and was eventually caught and killed for his involvement in subversive activities. Until the fateful day of Tezin’s murder, Cal faulted his father. After that day, questions began to fill Cal’s brain.

When Cal was born, he was given the mark of the Cometbreak family, a tattoo that covers much of his back. The tattoo is of a red comet flying upwards from left to right across his back, busting through black rock. His mother says she does not know the full history of the family mark. Not understanding it himself and viewing this as a mark of the father who abandoned his family, he concealed it to others. Since the death of his half-elf friend, he conceals it because he believes it could reveal his elf heritage.

Since he was young, his mother and human step-father, Cadvall Torrik, had told him that elves are not treated as well as humans. When they registered him at age five, Cal was listed as fully human to give him full blood rights. This did mean that no Elf ID card was issued to him. He is glad that he was able to join the Fighter’s Guild as an apprentice because of this. However, he has always had to hide a part of himself.

Cadvall has been his step-dad since he was three and has helped Alexa raise him. Cal’s name, Callandor, comes from his elven father. He has shortened it to sound more human. Part of him has always wished that he were fully human, despising his elven blood. He longed to find out about his father’s organization and to work to bring those in it to justice for the pain they have caused his family. Now, he wants to know if his father’s death was just, or just another act of injustice by those serving the law.

His parents taught him to worship St. Cuthbert (LN), but since Tezin’s death, Cal has left this belief behind. His parents say that this was simply an act by two misfits with power. Cal vehemently disagrees. If this is true, why has nothing been done? Why did the member of the FG who wanted to help disappear? Cal worships no gods and belongs to no church. He believes that he can and will figure things out for himself.

He began his training as a fighter and adventurer to discover the group his father had belonged to, so that he could bring it down when he was strong enough. Now, however, his sense of justice often does not match that of the law. He loves to fight, but only when he knows that he is making things right. He is interested in the true character of others, and it takes him a long time to trust them. He has not sought out friends in the past. However, now he understands that he will need help in achieving some of his goals.

PERSONALITY: Cal is conflicted about the disappearance of his father. Part of him feels abandoned and angry. Now he experiences doubts and can imagine that his father was like him, someone who recognizes that the law is not always right. Cal fights for justice as sees it. He tries to assess situations before jumping into a fight, unless he believes that someone is in need of help. He tries to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. He is fiercely loyal to those he believes are just. His ideal situation would put him with others that see eye-to-eye with him about setting things right. He wants to find out what organization his father belonged to. He wants to bring justice to the guards and the system that killed Tezin. He can’t stand those who do not act when there is injustice that causes others physical harm. His sense of justice does not extend beyond murder and rape. Although conflicted, he will not join a group that seeks to harm elves because they are elves (unless he is trying to covertly trying to investigate the group he joined). He does not hold a grudge for more minor offenses against what he feels is right. Mainly, Cal is discerning, reserved in quiet situations, active when the cause is right, and confident in only himself.

APPEARANCE: At 5’9” 155 lbs, Cal does appear a bit slight for a human, but does not stand out. He is stronger than he appears. His blonde eyes are the most revealing attribute that he is not purely human. His tattoo is always covered. He wears either a cape or a hooded robe over his armor to conceal the uppermost parts of the tattoo. He has jet, black hair and fair skin. He will wear the best armor available. His weapon of choice is any type of sword. He prefers melee to ranged combat for the simple fact that he can see the face of his unjust opponent as he defeats him.

Callandor "Cal" Cometbreak

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