Turgula "Tug" Cloudreaver

Halfling barbarian first mate of the Floating Cask.


Turgula Cloudreaver (Tug)

Turgula is a contracted First Mate for Captain Esteban Morgan on the ship The Floating Cask. She is also a member of The Sojourners.

Appearance: Turgula is a very strong Halfling. While most of her race favor stealthy classes, she is a stout barbarian. Her appearance is standard for a female Halfling, she is 4 feet tall and wears her long hair in tight braids that swing around furiously as she fights.

Personality: Turgula is a boisterous and funny person. Her sense of humor is bawdy and she will never miss an opportunity to tell or listen to a dirty joke. Even her casual conversation is sprinkled with curses and expletives which color her language. While she is not dumb, she never perfected her social graces, nor did she ever study anything in an official manner. She learned fighting because she had to and because she loved it. She knows what her strengths are, and she is smart enough to defer to others when their skills are needed.

History: Turgula and her family used to live on the Talenta Plains as part of a migratory tribe. While they were perfectly happy with this existence, there was still a tug to discover more. She and her brothers, twins Terrel and Trey, decided to move to Salla eight years ago just to see what “civilized” life was like. The twins realized that they loved the civilized life and were chefs at the Famished Froghemouth for their first three years in Salla, then took over the tavern and have owned and operated it for the last five years. There bar is known city-wide as one of the most accepting, fun taverns in town.

Turgula took longer to get the adventuring spirit out her mind. She wandered the streets for a while and even considered becoming a member of the Salla Watch for a while, but realized that upholding laws and rules was not in her personality. She was soon drawn to the sailing economy of Salla. She has been hiring on as a sailor or mercenary for Salla ships for the last six years. Her allegiance to no political leader and no god makes her a perfect mercenary, but her morals have kept her from being simply a sword for hire.

Her competency in battle and her general care for others soon sparked the interest of The Sojourners. She has worked with them loosely for the last four years, and her brothers have helped out where they can for that time as well.

Turgula "Tug" Cloudreaver

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