Session #14

Further into the Beggar King's Lair

Session #14


May 2nd, 993

Unpause game. Now fighting two menacing 6 siders, one green, one yellow (both humans). Mikhail notices a smelly pit behind him. Hmmmmm…

Fighting in a room full of crates and barrels. Another two humans enter the room wearing a ratty fur cloak. Ian frosts one to death. Black clad rogue enters the room. Mikhail kills another. Cal destroys one of the men in fur cloaks. Mikhail kills the other furry dude.

Arthuro gives. We earn a milestone. He offers his chest and information if we let him live. He says he will give us keys to the gate. Does not know what is going on in the other buildings. The Beggar King lets him do business here. Arthuro takes us to his study. Cal checks out his sleeping area. Arthuro show us his chest with 8 compartments. We tell him to open it. He refuses, says it’s trapped. Mikhail knocks Arthuro out, takes the keys and the +1 dagger. Mikhail takes 50 gp. Find 2 more gp in room and a ledger with entries. Ledger appears to be a key to the chest. We recognize the names Shaeish and Drear, Sybil Drear.

Jeska finds a crude mud-infested idol depicting an ape man. Ape man idol. Allows the owner to use a heal surge as a free action (daily power). Randomly takes hp from a random living creature within 50’. Find a lantern worth 3 gp. There’s a pixie corpse inside. Ian searches the garbage pit. It’s not that deep, but there’s something with tentacles in it.

Gate works well with the key.

We go up the stairs. Cal triggers the silverware trap. Cal opens the curtain and gets ready to fight. Initiative! 3 dog brothers attack Cal. Mikhail shot him dead. Jeska jumps over Cal and kills the second one. Cal continues to soften them up. Lyca moves Jeska’s bow for her. Ian freezes another to his death. That leaves balcony boy, who has very nice armor and a big, horn longbow. He runs away through a secret door in the wall. We heal up and search the balcony.

Mikhail finds and disables the spear trap in the secret door. Mikhails finds how to open it.

Jeska finds loose bricks above the fire. Bricks hit everyone and hurt. We open the sacks. We find a fur-trimmed quiver of javelins (8- 4 silver javelins, 3 reg. javelins, 1 +1 javelin of lightning), 48 gp, ceramic jug full of 5 potions of healing.

Plan to forge ahead and fight. Secret door does not open when we try to open it.

Cal – 43 hp left, used 8 heal surges, used comeback strike, and boundless endurance Jeska – 21 hp left, no surges left, used daily Lyca – 25 hp left, has 1 surge left Ian and Mikhail marked on character sheets All have an action point left

Can keep messing with the chest and the note. Arthuro is tied and unconscious yet.



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