Session 19

The Devil Goes Free

Session #19 8/17/10

May 5th, 993 – Early evening

We run up the tower. We jump onto a nearby roof.

A cambion hellsword thanks us for freeing him. Despite this thank you, he attacks us.

We fight for awhile. He says, “You have not heard the last of Votai Coran

We jump off of the fire soaked building.

Fights over.

Sgt. Dolom and a big throng of Salla guard are here.

They arrest us.

Cal decides that he will get revenge on Dolom for misusing power.

In jail.

Drunk stumbles in.

Notetaker kicked out of room. What happened???

Mike gives Cal hand signals about the drunk.

The guards leave. Shyyk Mariano (the drunk) helps us out.

Ian does not distract the guard. Then he does.

Ian, Shyyk, and Cal run across the hall. Do they make it? Yesssss!

Mike picks a lock.

Cal stands on Ian. Cal uses an action point and pulls the weak bar off.

Both bars are off. Mike very carefully sneaks through the hall and picks another lock.

Mike gets our stuff + 1 dagger.

We made it.

All scatter.

Plan to meet at the Prayer and Barrell. That’s where we go.

Shyyk blames Sybil Drear. Trying to create an infernal army to back her up, to take over the Elmaro family.

He wants us to find proof that she’s been summoning these devils.

A couple leads…

A ring from a head of a house in Elmaro was found 3 days ago at Oskar’s Pawnshop.

The current head of Elmaro, Lucio, still has his ring. The only way this ring could have been obtained is to take it off the dead head of a house.

He needs to convince Lucio. We need to convince Dolom.

Could go to the Charnel Tower, to the Elmaro tomb, Oskar’s Pawnshop, or the disappeared University girl and the devil kids, or Rahm the minotaur, or Tinz the tailor.

First, to the Sojourners. Trey answers the door and we tell him lots. He says Holy Fuck Dude. Samc could help, but he left. He said he had to go take care of business “underground”. Will introduce us to a new guy in the morning/


Terrell, Trey, Turgula, Jeska, and Ji Droverson (Ian’s brother).

A touching reunion. Ji will join us.

START for next time – talk to University kids more and Rahm the sage minotaur on the way to the university. Plan travel by night. Sojourners could help us with some disguises.

Cal full everything.

Mikhail still has to check what his dagger is.



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