Session #17

Ian Gets Curious

Session #17


May 3rd or 4th, 993

We search the room, find nothing and move on.

Ian’s owl perceives some arcane sigils on the wall around the rubble by the stairs. It appears there was a false plaster wall constructed over the stone wall. There were engraved sigils filled with lead in the wall. Now the wall has been smashed and some of the sigils remain on the stone wall, while others are in the rubble on the floor. Clearly the seal has been broken. Also, someone has walked up here within the past month.

Cal and Mike get caught between a portcullis and the hobgoblin room. The others are blocked out of the room.


Ian goes through the rubble and sees a dead dude and an interesting room with four censers and a painted portal. Swirling smoke is in the air, but none of the censers are lit. That ain’t right! Ian draws a scroll from him.

Cal smacks the portcullis wall for a little damage (13).

SURPRISE… The door opens and the fight starts. There are 6 goblin archer minions, two regular hobgoblins, one badass hobgoblin, and one dragonborn warlord commanding them.

Jess lifts the door and holds it up.

Goblin minions have the devil’s tail symbol painted all over them.

We kill, kill, and kill more. Then we open the gate.

Ian and Jess have 2 action points – remember to use them each battle!

Jess takes the great sword from the dragonborn to use.

The dragonborn had 2 rubies worth 100 each. The dead mage had 2 bracers worth 5 each.

Brand of the devil’s tail on the dragonborn and on the hobgoblin leader. They also both used an infernal wound attack that cut a firey slice into a couple of us. Connection?

Ian has 3 scrolls – 3 rituals – silence, eye of alarm, and magic mouth.

Ian finds cool stuff in the infernal room. Maybe we can find a way to the Nine Hells.

Ian examines the false portal and sees that there is something else under the layer of paint. It looks like lead sigils like we found on the ground in the rubble before we entered this room.

Ian takes out his dagger and scrapes away some of the paint to get a closer look. The room shakes for a bit.

No, wait – it is a mist that has tentacles! Look out Ian! Help is on the way!

Ah, never mind. The tentacles cannot hit. Anybody. Really. (insert frustrated DM sigh)

The ash is gone. Although a few wisps retreat into the wall with the false portal.

Let’s search the room next time. Everyone has 1 action point and we have one more battle before a milestone, so we should all use it next battle.

Jess – used partnered savaging, full hp, Lyca has 52/54 and 1 surge left Mike and Ian has recorded on paper Cal – 45/55 hp, 7 surges expended, Fey Step expended



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