Session #16

The Prisoner Pens

Session #16

We searched the room for secret doors for 30 minutes and found none. We bore a hole in the wall to watch. The owl also watches. We rest in shifts.

A rogue approaches during Cal’s shift. The rogue throws a rock at the door. We ready ourselves. He throws another rock. He leaves.

We rest. Ian’s shift. Something happens. He doesn’t notice. Neither does his owl. Someone tries to open the door.

We rest until we level up. 6.5 hours total. Now it’s 7:30 pm. We synchronize our watches.

We leave our sanctuary to move back towards the beggar king’s loft. We enter the room where we burned all the beggar minions earlier. We look for rogues. None on ground level.

Ian blasts a stinking cloud into the loft. Mike knocks the ladder down. We wait. Nada.

We suspect a secret door but don’t find one.

Lyca climbs the ladder. The floor falls out. Ouch! Jeska fires an arrow into the “Beggar King’s” dead body. The body is not a full grown man and the “guards” are mannequins.

Jeska jumps on top of the cage. Ian puts a floating lantern on the cage. Cal throws Jeska a rope. Cal hands Mike the rope. Cal climbs to the moving cage.

There’s an ape moving the cage. Hobgoblins move in. Poof. Cal appears on the shore and smacks all three hobgoblins. Jeska drops the rope. Mike jumps and misses the chain, falls into the water, landing well. However, he is pushed down river. He slams into a portcullis. He stays afloat, barely. Ian summons a fire warrior and sends him to fight hobgoblins. Jeska shoots the ape.

The hobgoblin marked by Cal tries to run away. Cal smacks. He can’t move.

Mike goes under. Yikes! Jeska barely makes the jump.

A hobgoblin gets away from Cal and releases the ape. Ian’s fire warrior destroys the hobgoblin.

Jeska runs to help Mike, dropping a rope into the water.

The fight continues…

Mike grabs the rope. He still can’t bring his head above water.

Jeska pulls Mike to the shoreline. Mike is on the shore.

Jeska and Mike join the fray. The fire warrior destroys the ape.

Mike crits the lock. Too bad he can’t swim as well as he picks locks. Lyca is freed.

The encounter ends and fire warrior disappears.

We talk to the prisoners. Mike heals an injured minotaur.

Minotaur = Rahm Woman = Kaye

Taylor = Tins

2 Beggar Thugs

Rahm says they are trying to talk to the Nine Hells and may have discovered the Well of Ancients.

We help Rahm and Kaye out. Cal gives Kaye a rapier. Kaye looks for another way Rout. Kaye finds a trap door. Rahm tells us to not let “them” use the well of the ancients. Rahm tells us where to find him in town. Rahm and Kaye leave.

Tins wears the tattoo with the S and the flaming eye. The story he tells: A change in how our group will deal with Salla. Malcolm X style approach now, no longer following MLK, Jr. Tins leaves.

We get ready to follow the hobgoblin path.

Cal used 3 surges and is at 49 hp, used Fey Step Ian – full, down both daily attacks Mike – full, down 5 surges Jeska – full, Lyca down 2 hp and 1 surge

Have not yet searched the “throne room”.



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