Session #15

Fighting the Fat Tiefling Warlock Chick

Session #15


May 2, 993 Noon

(change last obsidian portal entry to be May 2, not May 1)

Jeska takes the jug and drinks 2 of the 5 heal potions to max out.

Cal and Mike bust down the door. Rats! Everywhere!

Ian lobs a vertical column of golden flames frying parts of both rat swarms. Initiative!

Second verse, same as the first. Ian lights ‘em up again! Rats swarm Cal. Cal eliminates a swarm. Ian lights ‘em up again.

The room. The room. The room is on fire!

Ian uses Ray of Frost to cool it off.

Find 13 cp, and a pair of silver earrings (4 gp). Keep it all!

Open the door. A biggish room. Bed rolls. Only stairs. Ransack the room. Nada.

It’s raining out. The dark courtyard is muddy. People have walked here. There’s a peephole on the double doors. Jeska looks in… nothing.

Mike checks the single door at the top of the stairs. As we move towards the single door, the double door bursts open. It’s on!!! Bring it!!!

3rd verse, same as the first. Ian lights ‘em up. 8 die! Mike kills 1. Cal kills 1. They don’t attack.

Ian sends his owl up to see what’s in the loft above. The owl sees lots of a guy sleeping on a couch with 3 guards. Meanwhile, 2 thugs with spiked chains come down the stairs.

Jeska lets us know about the thugs. Mike runs out, and does a handspring attack up the stairs and bloodies him. Mike is knocked prone and bloodied. He uses his second wind, then is bloodied again.

Cal is pushed away by a large magical hand. Cal slashed the first thugs legs out from under him. As the thug falls, he hits his head on the stairs and dies.

The large human fighter who formerly ran away from us, we’ll call him Brave Sir Robin, returns and knocks Mike unconscious. Ian bandages Mike’s wounds. Cal pushes a thug off the stairs. Mike kills thug number 2. Ian sprays colors at Sir Robin. Mike nails Brave Sir Robin with his backswing. Mike allows Cal to sneak in the attack. Cal fey steps behind Brave Sir Robin. Cal is blasted, nearly unconscious, by the tiefling warlock. Cal just destroys Brave Sir Robin. Cal quaffs the 2nd to last heal from the jug. The tiefling appears to be on fire.

Mike runs up, slashes the tiefling, and is knocked out by fire. Ian cools off the tiefling with a ray of frost. Cal and Ian try to heal Mike. Failed. Mike goes to strike 2. Lyca swats the tiefling. Cal pours the last of the healing jug down Mike’s throat. Ahhhhh!

Mike nails the tiefling with a thrown dagger. Lyca swats her again. Cal hits again.

Every time we hit with a melee attack, we get singed.

Jeska crits the tiefling fat chick. Cal hits again. Mike hits.

The tiefling picks up her staff and takes OA’s from Cal and Lyca. Both hit her. Ian kills her with a magic missile.

Ian finds 12 phoenix feathers in a copper tube (burst 1, some damage when pulled out). Ian finds a devil worshipping staff with a demonic ram’s head on it – +1 magic rod (for warlock’s with demonic pacts).

That’s all we discover. We take an extended rest. We train and go to level 5!



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