Session #13

To the Charnel Tower

Session #13


May 1st, 993

Late at night. Last time, we passed an insight check and learned that Wyatt and Courtney know about something more that might happen (?).

Jeska and Mikhail are at the Famished Froghemoth. Cal and Ian are at the Rich Demon’s Coffeeshop with the Devil Kids.

Devil Kids leave. Cal and Ian return to Famished Froghemoth. Discuss following them tomorrow with stealthier members, Jes and Mikhail. Sleep.

May 2nd

Wake up. Whole party heads to Charnel Tower.

Half way there. Cal bumps into someone. It’s… Shyk Mariano dressed plainly. Follow him into Meadowood Country Club. Lyca waits at the door to watch. Says it was not Elmaro’s plan. Family does not appreciate deals going bad. Let Asid know if we find someone out. Cal asks him some questions. He says we are no longer under any commitment to Elmaro. Ian says we have a note and shows it to him. He thanks us. He says he will help us if they find out info for us.

Shyk Mariano departs.

We head to the Charnel Tower.

Historical aside: The Charnel Tower was a cremation sight for homeless people. Rumors of the Beggar King came up that he was summoning devils possibly by sacrificing his own people.

Into the Sulfur Streets. (Sellswords of Punjar).

Mikhail sneaks up to the gate. Success! He makes it to an iron gate. Air filled with despair. He pretends to pick the lock with his dagger. Munch! The lock bites his dagger. Mikhail now has a warped dagger. It is stuck deep in the lockbox. Cal sees no levers/mechanisms to open the gate. Hooter the owl looks around for mechanisms to open the gate. He sees nothing of use either. Jeska tries to smash the lock. She scratches it.

We check the perimeter of the compound. Mikhail stealthily scouts ahead. Jeska climbs a building and looks around. She notices a green fountain. She notices 5 baddies on a platform with a net.

Scouting further. A swarm of bats appears to be protecting the tower. They rushed Jeska until she ran away. Bat swarm rushes a second time.


Bats hit Jeska. Ian dazes the bats. Jeska jumps down. Thud! Swarm finds Jeska again. Ian scorches Jeska. Youch!!! Bat bites burn. Bummer. Bats seem to be regenerating. Bursting swarm blinds Cal and Lyca. Cal hits better when blind. Ian continues to work his magic. Swarm flies up, up, up. We try to shoot them. Mrrph. We move away to let Jeska heal. From henceforth, we shall call them Charnel Bats.

Jeska and Lyca get on the roof. Ian makes the sound of the gate opening. He drops a flaming burst on the 5 net holders, hitting one of them. We kill one of them. 4 of them run into a building. Onto the roofs. Ian has a little problem. We hop down, except Ian. Mist beads on our clothes and skin.

Jeska climbs onto the shelf, searches the body (nothing), takes the net.

Yucky fountain. It tastes like burning (and copper).

Cal listens at the door while he is peppered with crossbow fire for 1 point of damage. Ian puts a flaming burst up their arses. Mikhail busts the door open. 4 thugs + 3 new dudes are in da house!

Ian continues to pepper the window crossbowmen with fire. Mikhail handsprings into the fracas killing the guy with a skirt and then taunting him. We push our way into the room. Cal, Mikhail, and Lyca fight in the room as Ian lights ‘em up from range. Jeska gets in the action.

Middle of Encounter: Mikhail used second wind. Nobody else has. Ian, Cal, and Mikhail have used action point during this battle Jeska has Unbound Parry and Razorclaw Shifting left. She has 37 hp left. Has used 4 surges Lyca has 29 hp left Cal has Comeback Strike, Fey Step, Eyebite left. He has Regen 5 going for the rest of the battle. He has used 2 surges today. He has 38/47 hp. Ian 28 hp left Mikhail 15 hp left, used 1 heal surge



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