Session #12

Meet the Sojourners


April 25th, 993

Mikhail, Ian, and Tug find lots of goodied from the dragon including a bracer of blades and a floating lantern

9:00 am

Short rest, then to the ship. Slog through the swamp for 8 hours. Get to the shore around 5 pm, but no one is there. Jes leads the gang back to town. It’s a four day walk. Fun.

April 29th

Around 5 pm, Jes takes us to an abandoned farmhouse. We rest and agree to meet her at The Famished Froghemoth tomorrow at 7 pm

April 30th

Ian goes to the Creative Imp’s Club to get an owl familiar. Ian cannot purchase another ritual.

2:30 pm Report to Shyk Mariano at the Owl’s Demise. Ian’s new owl gets spooked. Talk to Asid who says that Shyk Mariano will find them if he wants to. Then go to library at Morgrave University. Cal looks at pop-up magic books, Ian asks to look at the ritual section and finds out that without a Morgrave signet ring he ain’t getting in.

7:00 Ian and Cal head to the Famished Froghemoth. Ian bumps into a halfling and starts a fight. Mikhail is of course eager to join in. Cal (pussy boy) tries to break it up—Fail. Cal joins the fight. An all out bare-knuckles melee ensues, with the acrobatic and brawny halflings getting the better of the PCs. Mikhail loves every minute of it.

Eventually, Jes and Gre’O appear from a back room and call off the fight. The halflings, Terrell and Trey, buy drinks for everyone. Turns out it’s their place and they were just testing Ian and Cal. Also, they are triplets with Tug.

Gre’O leads us to a private room and introduces The Sojourners, which includes Jes, Gre’O, and the halfling triplets. They feel that their responsibilty in town is to do what needs to be done to keep the peace and help those in need. They are familiar with the tattoo of the Shaeish.

Samc Noir busts in and everyone freezes for a second. Then he is introduced as another member of the Sojourners. He proceeds to take over the discussion about the Shaeish. They are a historical organization, but have become more prominent lately. They are led by a changeling named Ender, but thier goals are not clear. We show the group the note found on the drow from the swamp cave. Samc suggests that there may be a “plant” in the Elmaro family.

Samc reveals some information he has found (no one asks how he got this information).

Gre’O has learned that someone summoned devils, then went missing.

Two paths to follow:
  1. Thieves (Mikhail & Jes) will investigate the Sulfur Streets.
  2. Others (Ian & Cal) will investigate University dissapearances.

Sulfer Streets Investigation:

Sinbad says:
  • There are rumors that there are alters to the 9 hells in charnel tower
  • The Beggar King is the man who has taken over the place.
  • There is a fountain dedicated to the 9 hells. Find the key to it, and find out what haunts the tower.
Stan says:
  • There is smoke coming out of the charnel tower that turns people into dust.
  • The Beggar King has something to do with it.
Thorax says:
  • Somewhere behind the Beggar King’s throne room is lots of treasure.
Brinbad says:
  • The Beggar King killed all his own men. He sacrificed them to his devil.
Flem says:
  • Be careful of traps and stay away from the tower.
Ordo says:
  • The Beggar King broke though to another world and got power from a dark power.

G’night—back to Froghemoth to sleep

May 1st, 993

In the morning Cal and Ian look into missing kids at Morgrave University. Learn that Lanessa is in a group called the Devil Kids. Kinda like goth kids. Need to return to coffee shop at 11 pm.

9 pm Team America (aka the Sojourners) meet to share info. Samc reinforces what we already learned and adds that the Beggar King is allied with Mother Zeb’oltha, a well known black warlock.

11 pm Ian and Cal head to the Rich Demon’s Inn coffee shop and meet Dante, Fletcher, Courtney, and Wyatt. Ian asks for help tracking down Lanessa.

Start Skills Challenge to track down Devil Kids.



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